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Assessment of efficacy of clayey soil as liner material in retarding sub-surface leaching of chromium

Authors : Sumanta Rakshit, Supriya Pal and Soumya Bhattacharya



CrVI is considered as one of the priority pollutant emanated mainly from the wastewater discharge of the tannery industries.In the present research work, batch and column adsorption studies were performed to evaluate the CrVI adsorptive potential of the clayey soil. The batch adsorption test results indicate the optimum CrVI removal efficiency at a soil dose of 200 g/L with an initial solute concentration of 5 mg/L at an equilibrium reaction time of 12 h and optimum pH level of 7.0. The maximum chromium removal efficiency was achieved at 76%. The hydrodynamic parameters estimated through tracer studies and CXTFIT modeling were used as input parameters in numerical modeling of CrVI migration through clay soil using HYDRUS-1D solute transport software to assess the efficacy of the soil as primary liner material in chromium laden waste containment structures.
Experimental setup used for vertical column test

















Chromium(VI) pollution, clayey soil liner, adsorption study, hydrodynamic parameters, CXTFIT modeling, HYDRUS-1D solute transport software.