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Mathematical Modeling of Treatment of Oil and Grease Containing Wastewater by Biological Method- A Mini Review

Authors : P. Sanghamitra, Supriyo Goswami, Debabrata Mazumder and Somnath Mukherjee



With the increasing industrial and commercial activities, various toxic and inhibitory organic substances including oil and grease come out in wastewater generated. It is very challenging to remove oil and grease from wastewater as it falls under the category of hazardous waste. The parameters like COD, Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH), BOD etc. exhibit higher values due to presence of excessive organic matter in oily wastewater. Biological method is found to be effective for the removal of oil and grease from wastewater after pre-treatment. The knowledge of mathematical modeling and bio-kinetics is very important for design of biological system treating oily wastewater. It is also relevant for augmentation of numerous operational conditions in order to get good quality effluent. This review paper elucidates the source, characteristics and treatment approaches of oily wastewater, requirement of mathematical modeling together with model development and validation in case of biological process.


Salient features on mathematical modelling of biological treatment of oily wastewater

  • Oil and grease falls under the category of hazardous waste.
  • Oils, lubricants, fats, heavy hydrocarbons and light hydrocarbons are present in oil bearing wastewater.
  • Municipal and industrial sources are the principal sources of oily wastewater.
  • Biological method is found to be effective for the treatment of oily wastewater.
  • Majority of the models focussed on removal of COD ( not oil and grease).
  • There is necessity of developing a simplified mathematical model considering kinetic and process parameter.



Oily wastewater, biological treatment, mathematical modeling, model comparison, model validation.