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Isolation and identification of a bacterial strain from soil for bioremediation of phenol for pollution control

Authors : Susmit Maitra a, Debapriya Maity a, Pradyut Kundu b and Sunita Adhikari (nee Pramanik) *a



Phenol is one of the most widely distributed environmental pollutant found in industrial wastewater capable of causing harm,to flora and fauna. These hazardous compounds can be removed from the nature by various ways but one of the most efficient methods is bioremediation. In order to isolate most potent bacterial strain from soil sample, was collected from the hospital area and enriched regularly with 500 ppm phenol for 10 days. After serial dilution isolated colonies were transferred to slant. Screening was done to isolate most potent strain. Residual phenol concentration was estimated spectrophotometrically.

The strain marked as P108 was found having almost 98.08% of phenol removal efficiency in 24 h at 37ÂșC temperature and pH 6.8. Morphological, Biochemical, 16S rDNA Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis was conducted to characterize and identify the strain. It was found that the isolated Pseudomonas sp. P108 strain have a significant similarity with Pseudomonas otitidis strain MCC10330. The isolated strain was acclimatized in minimal salt media (MSM) for about 2 months in 700 ppm phenol concentration for better efficiency.


Phenol, bioremediation, enrichment, Pseudomonas otitidis, Phylogenetic Analysis