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A comparative study for turbidity removal by electrocoagulation and chemical coagulation

Authors : Soumya Kanta Ray* and Chanchal Majumder



Comparative study between electrocoagulation (EC) and chemical coagulation (CC) was done to assess the relative performance of turbidity removal in batch mode. The single parameter studies were carried out to assess the effect of pH, volume, initial turbidity and coagulant dose on turbidity removal by both EC and CC. It was observed that for equivalent dose of aluminum, EC (90.3% removal) performed better than CC (77.67% removal). It was found that during EC, turbidity removal increased when charge loading was increased. It was the first time reported in this study that for a constant charge loading the turbidity removal was decreased when current density was increased.


Electrocoagulation, chemical coagulation, turbidity, charge loading, current density