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Performance study of membranes for suspended solid separation in activated sludge process

Authors : Soumyadeep Bhaduri* and Debabrata Mazumder



This work describes performance study of membranes for suspended solid separation in ASP effluent. Two membranes, namely nylon membrane (NM) of 50 m pore size and stainless steel membrane (SSM) of 30 m pore size were used in this study. The performance was evaluated in terms of flux, permeate quality and fouling characteristics. The gravity filtration technique has been utilized for solid-liquid separation. Transmembrane pressure has been developed using water head. The SSM membrane was found to be superior and consistent in terms of fouling resistance and removal efficiency. The comparative study suggests that stainless steel membrane reactor has better removal efficiency and gives permeate with dischargeable effluent quality in terms of MLSS concentration.


Membrane bioreactor, activated sludge process, solid-liquid separation, stainless steel membrane, nylon membrane