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Treatability study of real life bakery wastewater in a suspended growth batch fed reactor

Authors : Biswajit Chakraborty a, Pradyut Kundu b, Joydeep Mukherjee a and Somnath Mukherjee *c



In the present investigation batch kinetic studies were conducted to explore the efficiency of the microbial culture, for organic carbon oxidation and nitrification real life bakery wastewater. The wastewater contain COD, TSS and ammoniacal nitrogen(NH4+-N) within a range of 1300–1350, 550–600 and 60–65 mg/L respectively and pH was in the range of 7.4–7.5. Five sets of each carbon oxidation and nitrification study were carried out in fed batch reactor using real life sample under ambient temperature of 25–30ºC. It was observed that more than 90% removal of COD could be achieved after a contact period of 24 h for 1320±30 mg/L of initial COD concentration. Similarly 84% of NH4+-N removal was found after an extended contact period of 30 h corresponding to the initial NH4+-N concentration of 60±5 mg/L. Finally experimental data set were utilized todetermine various kinetic coefficients such as k, ks, Y, kd, for designing a activated sludge reactor for treatment of bakery wastewater.


Bakery wastewater, batch fed reactor, carbon oxidation, ammoniacal nitrogen removal, kinetic coefficient