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Removal of cadmium ions from water by using aluminum functionalized Graphene Oxide

Authors : Satyajit Chaudhuri*, Rajat Chatterjee, Soumya Kanta Ray and Chanchal Majumder



Cadmium is one of the four heavy metals in World Health Organization’s list of ten chemicals of major public health concern. Removal of cadmium ions from contaminated water is a major challenge for engineers and researchers and new methodologies are being constantly investigated for achieving higher removal efficiencies. This article focuses on synthesis of aluminum functionalized Graphene Oxide (GO-Mn-Al) nanocomposite and its application in cadmium removal from contaminated water. Cadmium removal kinetics and relevant adsorption isotherm models were also analyzed. The effect of different parameters such as pH, time of contact and the dosage of adsorbent were investigated. The optimum pH for Cd removal was found to be 7. The capacity of adsorption of the synthesized nanocomposite for cadmium ions at pH of 7.0 was found to be 120.48 mg/g for an adsorbent dosage of 1 g/L and 120 min of contact time. This literature demonstrates that the synthesized GOMn- Al nanocomposite can be used for cadmium removal from contaminated water successfully.


Cadmium, isotherm, adsorption, adsorbent, nanocomposite, GO-Mn-Al