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Evaluating volatility in quality indexing of saline water during tidal backwater incursion in Western Canals of South 24-Parganas, West Bengal

Authors : Prasun Mukherjee*, Subhasish Das and Asis Mazumdar



Nearly 51% of the population in the western basins of South 24-Parganas districts of West Bengal, India is dependent on the canal network for agricultural purposes. Irrigation water supply by utilizing tidal backwater incursion offers an economical and potent approach to utilize the superfluous freshwater at the Hooghly River mouth which would else be untapped and flow to the Bay of Bengal. This escalates the risk of saltwater intrusion in the canal network during lean water periods. The study aims at the assessment of the extent of saline water intrusion and the volatility of water quality index of the canals due to the tidal water ingress. The study further intents to identify risk zones within the canal network in accordance to the analysis for sustainable management of the canal network and to further increase the serviceability of the canals during lean periods.


Saltwater intrusion, water quality index, irrigation, tidal backwater, South 24-Parganas