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Treatment of greywater using consortium of Micrococcus luteus, Rhodococcus equi and Aspergillus niger

Authors : Nikita Rajpal a, Neetu Divya a, Shalini Sharma b, K. J. Balasubramani b and Jatinder Kumar Ratan *a



Greywater is a domestic wastewater excluding toilet waste. Greywater treatment and its reuse can contribute to the reduction of pressure on water resources, and lowering the demand for portable water for purposes that do not require water of high quality. The present study investigated the performance of individual bacterial strain; M. luteus and R. equi, and fungus strain; A. niger for treatment of greywater. In addition, consortium of these three strains has been developed, and further studied for treatment of greywater. The greywater treatment performance of individual strains and consortium was compared in terms of reduction in objectionable physical as well as chemical parameters of greywater. It has been observed that the consortium has shown much better results for treatment of greywater in comparison to individual strains.


Greywater, fungal-bacterial consortium, wastewater, bioremediation