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Adsorption of Cd2+ from mono-metal solution by pine biochar: Equilibrium and kinetic studies

Authors : S. S. Bhagwat a, C. S. Madankar a, R. G. Puri b, R. S. Sirsam b and P. D. Meshram *b



The present study examines the removal of Cd2+ from mono-metal aqueous solution using pine-fruit residue (PFR) biochar adsorbent. The influence of varying pH, Cd2+ concentration and contact time at 303 K was examined for adsorptive removal of Cd2+ in batch mode. The equilibrium data were analyzed by modeling of Freundlich and Langmuir isotherm using both linear and non-linear regression methods. Langmuir model represented the best fit to the Cd2+ adsorption on biochar and the isotherm parameters were better predicted by non-linear regression. The kinetic data for Cd2+ adsorption followed pseudosecond order model.


Pine-fruit residue, adsorption, cadmium, isotherm, kinetics