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Effects of different fuel on development of fire inside the compartment

Authors : Deepak Sahu *a, Shorab Jain b, Akhilesh Gupta c and Surendra Kumar d



The present experimental work performed using three different fuels to measure the effect of fuels on fires development inside the compartment. The size of fire test facility is 4 m×4 m×4 m and vent is provided at door 2 m height and 1 m width. The fuels selected on different nature are – diesel, methanol, and isopropanol. The fuel source is created at centre of compartment of size 0.4 m. The different sensors: thermocouples, heat flux meters are used to investigate the thermal environment. It is observed that growth of fire inside the enclosure is mostly affected by types of fire/fuel sources. The yield of smoke and product gases is found higher in diesel fuel.


Heat release rate, diesel, methanol, isopropanol, temperature