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Extraction of polyphenolic compound gossypol from defatted cottonseed using butanolethanol-water mixed solvent

Authors : Surinder Singh* a,b, S. K. Sharma b and S. K. Kansal a



Herein a method for extracting gossypol from cottonseed defatted at controlled temperature under acidic conditions to prevent gossypol binding with protein was described. The temperature of extraction was contained up to 348 K and binding of gossypol with protein was avoided. The solvent extraction was carried in acidic medium to allow hydrolysis of bound gossypol from defatted cottonseed meal. The high boiling solvent system utilized was butanol-ethanol-water (80:15:5 v/v) and 0.5 citric acid for providing the acidic medium. The mixed solvent was capable of extracting 91.22% gossypol from defatted cottonseed meal at optimum conditions (348 K, solvent/seed ratio 15 and 180 min). The kinetics of extraction was observed to follow pseudo-second order rate law. Evaluated thermodynamic parameters justified the extraction to be endothermic and irreversible.


Solvent extraction, gossypol, kinetics, solvent, acidic medium