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Synthesis, characterization and characteristics of waste-palmolein oil-based alkyd resins and their blend with epoxy resin

Authors : Md Abdus Samad a, M. Moni Bora a, Chayanika Deka b and Dilip Kumar Kakati *a



The aim of this work is the valorization of waste palmolein oil. To attain the goal, the waste oil was purified and then converted to alkyd resin, by the two stage alcoholysis-polyesterification process. In the first stage the triglyceride was converted to monoglyceride by transesterification reaction with glycerol. The monoglyceride was then reacted with phthalic anhydride and/or maleic anhydride to synthesize the alkyd. The alkyd was then cured at 120ÂșC in presence of epoxy to produce cured blend of alkyd and epoxy. It was then evaluated by assessing the adhesion, pencil hardness, gloss, thermal stability and chemical resistance, for possible coating applications. The values obtained for all these properties indicated positively for end use in coating applications.


Waste palmolein oil, alcoholysis-polyesterification, polycondensation, alkyd resin