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FeCl3 catalyzed tandem synthesis of optically pure sugar based benzimidazoles

Authors : Sarita Mishra a, Soumik Roy a†, Rina Ghosh *a, Diganta Dey b,c and Banasri Hazra b$



A chemo-selective synthesis of optically pure sugar based benzimidazole from reaction of glycal-2-carboxaldehyde and orthophenylene diamine by FeCl3 catalyzed tandem imination, cyclisation followed by green oxidation by aerial O2 is reported. Some selected tailor-made chiral benzimidazoles were screened for antimicrobial activity against clinically isolated drug-resistant bacteria, as well as fungi obtained from superficial dermal infections.


FeCl3, catalyzed, glycal, benzimidazole, tandem