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Studies towards the total synthesis of repeating unit of O-sulfated polysaccharide from marine bacterium Cobetia pacifica KMM 3878

Authors : Kabita Pradhan, Ananda Rao Podilapu and Suvarn S. Kulkarni*



Herein we report assembly of the appropriately protected trisaccharide repeating unit of Cobetia pacifica KMM 3878 O-sulfated polysaccharide. Our synthesis involves 3,4-O-pyruvilated galactose as the key building block which acts as a donor as well as acceptor in the construction of trisaccharide. We obtained the R isomer as a major stereoisomer in the pyruvilation reaction. The glycosylations proceeded with high stereo and regioselectivity.


3,4-O-Pyruvilated galactose, regioselective glycosylation, Gram-negative bacteria