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A simple perspective of glycosciences†

Authors : Bhavya P. V., Rabecca Jenifer Vasanthan, Yaqoob Ahmad and Thangamuthu Mohan Das*



Carbohydrates are a very large class of family of organic compounds. Carbohydrates and its derivatives are widely found in nature, especially in plants and are constituents of several essential organic compounds. Till now several derivatives has been isolated from nature and or synthesized by scientists. These carbohydrates and its derivatives have found wide application in the development of drugs as well as in biology and medicinal science communities. This mini-review focuses on the important progress in the area of glycosciences which includes glycoconjugates, glycolipids and glycotargeting.


Carbohydrates, glycosciences, glycoconjugates, glycolipids, glycotargeting.