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Aspects of chemical transglycosylations in modern glycoside synthesis†

Authors : Anupama Das and N. Jayaraman*



Application of chemical methods forms as a powerful approach to achieve synthesis of custom-designed oligosaccharides.Chemical glycosylation methods continue to evolve till date even when the first such method dates back more than a century ago. The recent past has witnessed the emergence of the transglycosylations, wherein a preponderant O-glycoside acts as a glycosyl donor to afford yet another O-glycoside product bearing the newly introduced glycan/aglycan at the reducing end. Critical requirements of the aglycan portion of a glycoside donor are discussed, as also the mechanistic formulations based on a set of experimental observations. A critical review of the expanding facets of transglycosylations in the garb of modern glycosylation methods is presented herein.


Carbohydrates, conformations, glycosylations, oligosaccharides, oxocarbenium ion