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Fish Scale Waste: Potential Low-Cost Adsorbent for Fluoride Removal.

Authors : Disha A. Khandare and Somnath Mukherjee



Wastes generated at fish industry are considered as an important pollutant having a serious impact on the environment. Fish waste generally has high biological oxygen demand (BOD) and typically possesses strong offensive smell. Fish scales constitute major part of fishery waste and usually be disposed as a waste with no commercial value. The feasibility of using fish scale derived biochar is investigated as a low-cost adsorbent for defluoridation. A batch removal and kinetic study was performed to examine the efficiency of fluoride removal from simulated spiked water sample. Some influencing parameters such as adsorbent dose contact time, agitation speed etc. on the fluoride removal kinetics are also evaluated. Experimental outcome reveals that fish scale biochar (FSB) can successfully be used as an effective adsorbent in water environment for fluoride removal.

Fish Scale Biochar (FSB)


Fishery waste, fish scales, adsorption, biochar, fluoride removal.