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Microwave-induced new synthesis of trans and cis 3-phenylthio-4-carboethoxy ?-lactams

Authors : Ram Naresh Yadav a,b, Indrani Banik c and Bimal Krishna Banik *d



Staudinger cycloaddition of dicarboethoxy-substituted imines with phenylthioacetyl chloride in the p resence of Nmethylmorpholine under microwave irradiation is investigated toward the synthesis of C-4 dicarboethoxy-substituted -lactams. One of the ester groups of the products is removed through a decarboethoxylation process by lithium chloride in DMSO under microwave irradiation. This procedure results in the formation of highly functionalized diastereomeric cis and trans -lactams


Microwave, Staudinger [2+2] cycloaddition, Krapcho decarboxylation, -lactam