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Exploring different sources for Malachite Green decolorizing bacteria.

Authors : Shreya Biswas, Piyali Basak and Amrita Jasu



A total of ninety strains of bacteria were isolated from several different sources like effluents from tanneries, textile industries,
jute mills and dairies; from water samples from a pond, an urban canal, a river and an estuary; from soil samples, and
from two common aquatic weeds. All these bacterial strains were checked for their ability to degrade Malachite Green which
is heavily used as a colorant in textile and leather industries and is highly toxic, having established carcinogenic and cytotoxic
properties. Qualitative assays on solid medium was done to choose dye degraders preliminarily, followed by quantitative
assays in liquid medium to estimate their degradation potential in terms of percentage decolorisation. Bacteria showing
dye degradation potential have been mostly isolated from industrial effluents, but our study suggests that even some strains
isolated from natural water sources have excellent potential as dye degraders and could be effectively used to decolorize
waste water in future.

Quantitative decolorisation of MG by the selected bacteria


Malachite Green, isolation, decolorisation, bacteria