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Microwave-induced stereospecific synthesis of trans 3-phenylthio ?-lactams

Authors : Ram Naresh Yadav a,b, Amarendra Kumar Singh a, Indrani Banik c and Bimal Krishna Banik *d



Phenylthioacetyl chloride is a potential precursor of ketene in Staudinger reaction with imine in synthesis of stereodefined 3-phenythio -lactam derivatives. Herein we describe the reaction of imines with phenythioacetyl chloride in the presence of N-methylmorpholine under microwave irradiation and classical condition. The reaction is highly stereospecific since only trans -lactam is formed exclusively. This is an example in which identical products are formed under microwave irradiation method and thermal conditions


Microwave, stereospecific, thio--lactam, ketene-imine, Staudinger [2+2] cycloaddition