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Synthesis and structure of heterometallic clusters of early transition metals†

Authors : Rini Prakasha, Anagha Haridasa, Anangsha Dea, Thierry Roisnelb and Sundargopal Ghosh*a



In continuation of our recent studies on the reactivity of [(Cp*Nb)2B4H10O], with metal carbonyls, we have carried out its reactivity with [Fe2(CO)9] that led to the formation of [(Cp*Nb)2B2H4O{H2Fe2(CO)6BH}], 1. Compound is a heterometallic boride cluster in which [Nb2Fe2] core describes a butterfly framework with one boron atom lying in a semi-interstitial position. Further, in an attempt to isolate the heterometallic metallaboranes of group 4, we have performed the thermolysis reaction of [Cp2Hf(BH4)2] with [Cp*IrB3H9] that led to the formation of arachno-[(Cp2Hf)(Cp*Ir)B3H9], 2, analogous to [(Cp2Zr)(Cp*Ir)B3H9]. Compounds and have been characterized by mass spectrometry, 1H, 11B and 13C NMR spectroscopy and the structural types were unequivocally established by crystallographic analysis.


 Boron, niobium, hafnium, iridium, heterometallic