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Efficacy Evaluation of Chromium (VI) Adsorption on Clay Soil Blended With AzadiractaIndica (Neem) and MoringaOleifera (Drum Stick) Seed Shell.

Authors : Chandrima Bhadra , Supriya Pal and Kalyan Adhikari



In the present study, the adsorptive removal efficiency of CrVI from aqueous solutions was examined by using locally available clay soil amended with Azadiracta indica (AI) (Neem) and Moringa oleifera (MO) (Drum stick trees) seed shell as adsorbent. The amended adsorbent dosage were varied 10 through 20% in clay soil to assess the maximum percentage Cr(VI) removal from the aqueous solutions at optimal pH (6.5) and equilibrium reaction time. It was observed that Cr(VI) adsorption efficiency increased with the increment of both AI and MO dosage in the soil. However, AI blended clay soil showed more pro-mising Cr(VI) removal percentage (90%) in comparison to MO amended soil at same level of the adsorbent dosage.


SEM Images (a) raw clay soil, (b) clay soil blended with AI (20% by weight of soil) without chromium and (c) clay soil blended with AI (20% by weight of soil) with Cr (VI) after desorption study.


Cr(VI) removal, amended clay soil, batch adsorption study, adsorption isotherm, SEM analysis, XRD analysis.