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The Indian Chemical Society was founded in 1924 with Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray, the doyen of chemical sciences in India, as its first President. The idea of creating such an all India Chemical Society was originated in a private conference of three illustrious Indian Chemists Professor J. C. Ghosh, Professor J. N. Mukherjee and Professor Swanti Swarup Bhatnagar while they were working in the University College, Chemical Laboratories in London. Their cherished dream came to reality after their return to India with the foundation of the Society on May 09, 1924 with Professor J. N. Mukharjee as the Honorary Secretary and with Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray who is aptly regarded as the pioneer in initiating teaching and research in chemistry in our country as well as in the establishment of chemical and pharmaceutical industries as the President of the Society. Many of the distinguished personalities in the field of chemical science of that time in India took active interest in nurturing the new born Society. The Indian Chemical Society publishes a peer reviewed highly cited monthly journal, The Journal of the Indian Chemical Society from its very inception i.e. 1924. Besides regular publication of the Journal, special issues in the Honour of distinguished scientists (e.g.Professor Animesh Chakravorty, Professor Sunil K Talapatra), events like Convention, theme based (e.g. Sensors) issues are also published. The Graphical Abstracts had been introduced in the Journal of the Indian Chemical Society and the cover page of the Journal containing the diagram from the best selected papers is published.

Journal Of The Indian Chemical Society

January, 2020

Special Issue of Journal Of The Indian Chemical Society

February, 2020 - “Synthetic Carbohydrate Chemistry"

Guest Editor
Prof. Tanmaya Pathak
Indian Institute of Technology,

Special Issue of Journal Of The Indian Chemical Society

March, 2020 - “CHEMBIOEN-2020"

Guest Editors
Dr. Shivendu Ranjan
University of Johannesburg,
Dr. Shishir Sinha
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee,
Dr. Jatinder Kumar Ratan
Dr. Sangeeta Garg
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology,
Dr. Priyanshu Verma
Bansal Institute of Engineering and Technology (BIET),

Special Issue of Journal Of The Indian Chemical Society

April, 2020 - “SATEM - 2019"

Guest Editors
Prof. Debabrata Mazumder
Dr. Chanchal Majumder
Dr. Asok Adak
Department of Civil Engineering,
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology,

Journal Of The Indian Chemical Society

May, 2020