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The ICS publishes a peer reviewed highly cited monthly journal, The Journal of the Indian Chemical Society from its very inception in 1924. Besides regular publication of the Journal, special issues in the honour of distinguished scientists, events like Convention, theme-based issue are also published through a peer review process. For getting special issue, correspondence should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief. The Graphical Abstracts had been introduced in the Journal of the Indian Chemical Society. Authors desirous of publishing their graphical abstract on the cover should use the online service which be charged. authors.

The journal has one volume per year with 12 issues. Each issue contains not less than 15 articles. From 2021, the JICS is being published by Elsevier with new Board of Editors (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-the-indian-chemical-society/). It will use the Editorial Manager platform for submission of articles. Currently the impact factor of the journal is 0.24. All back issues will be digitized and placed on ScienceDirect.

The Journal includes all broad areas of chemistry, applied chemistry, green chemistry, material science and interdisciplinary research including biological sciences.

Agricultural chemistry Interfacial Science
Analytical Chemistry Marine Chemistry
Biochemistry Materials Chemistry & Engineering
Biological Sciences Microbiology
Biomedical Engineering Natural Products Chemistry
Biotechnology Nuclear Chemistry
Chemical Engineering Oceanography
Chemical Physics Oil Chemistry
Chemical Technology Organic Chemistry
Earth Sciences Pharmaceutical Sci & Tech
Environmental Chemistry Physical Chemistry
Food Chemistry & Tech Physics
Green Chemistry Polymer Chemistry
Industrial Chemistry Solid State Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry Theoretical Chemistry

The journal will have following 6 sections which will be handled by different editors.

  • 1. Organic and Biochemistry Section
  • 2. Inorganic and Material Chemistry Section
  • 3. Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Section
  • 4. Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Section
  • 5. Industrial and Applied Chemistry Section
  • 6. Engineering Chemistry and Green Technology Section

The authors should indicate in their cover letter as well as on the submission portal the section to which their paper belongs. In the case of doubt, the Editor-in-Chief will handle the submission and assign it to the appropriate editor.

The authors are advised to suggest 5 potential reviewers with not more than 2 from their own country.

JInCS will be also part of the Freedom subscription of Elsevier including several others to which institutes subscribe.